Artisan plants in Pistoia

Vivai Piante Biagini

For 150 years, Pistoia has played a leading role in Italian nursery industry, acknowledged as a European excellence. Here, for 70 years, Vivai Piante Biagini has been producing and cultivating with innovative techniques and craftsmanship over 1,000 varieties of outdoor ornamental plants, exported all over Europe.
Every day we work with passion to build a greener future and a collaboration tailored to your needs, because that's what we do best.

A 70-year history

Since the 1950s, we have been cultivating a dream

In 1952, brothers Antonio and Dino Biagini founded their company, starting with a small plot of land and a great vision. Thanks to Antonio's boundless passion and the support of his family, over the years the modest family business became one of Pistoia's most important nurseries. Thanks to the support of new members, today Vivai Piante Biagini keeps its roots firmly in its agricultural traditions and its gaze on a more sustainable and international future. For 70 years, Vivai Piante Biagini has meant artisan plants in Pistoia.

Artisan quality

Company and production

We could tell you that we produce more than 1,000 varieties of conifers, shrubs, climbers and more on over 10 hectares of land and over 10,000 metres of heated greenhouses. We could tell you that we grow our plants both in sod, in the open field, and in pots. That a special mention goes to our rose production, which has always been the company's flagship. But we prefer to tell you that whatever type of plant you are looking for, you will find it at Vivai Piante Biagini. We are here to offer you a tailor-made service and a partner you can count on.

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Un network al tuo servizio

Tuscany Growers

Together we are stronger: that's why Vivai Piante Biagini and Vivai Piante Masetti Sabino have joined forces, combining their know-how and production to offer you an extensive catalogue of opportunities and expert technical and agronomic support on the types of plants best suited to your needs.

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