For 70 years, your nursery in Pistoia

Company and production

Antonio Biagini had a vision: to combine the knowledge of Pistoia's farmers with the most modern technological innovations, to produce strong, healthy plants for export throughout Europe. A passion for greenery that has been handed down like a precious heritage, thanks to the efforts of the family, collaborators and new partners who have contributed to reinvigorate the values on which the company was founded.

The art of growing the future

Pistoia is the undisputed capital of Italian nursery industry. For more than a century its fertile soil and privileged position, which gives it a particularly favourable microclimate, have allowed the cultivation of thousands of plant species and the development of the floriculture sector, renowned today throughout Europe. Treasuring this tradition, we produce and cultivate our plants in clumps and pots, from 3- to 45-litre pots, on more than 10 hectares of land, to make your future greener.

Our production boasts more than 1,000 varieties of plants, carefully selected and cultivated with craftsmanship: conifers, shrubs, climbers, seedlings, cuttings and grafts. We like to think of our nursery as a garden, which we invite you to visit to experience the quality of our plants and expert skills.

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Come discover our Artisanal Plants

We take care of our nursery and our plants like a wide garden, whose doors are open to you. Come and have a look at our production methods and the philosophy that inspires us and which has roots stretching far back in time: we will welcome you as we do in a big family and together we will find an answer to all your needs.

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Roses, shrubs, climbers, and more. No matter what you are looking for: we are here to offer you the best quality and a service tailored to your needs.

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